Classy Dog Park Etiquette at Your Apartment!

When it comes to your precious pooch, chances are you’re always game for providing them with some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. 

This is no exception when it comes to enjoying your residence’s exterior amenities! Most residences offer an on-site dog park for your pet to enjoy, and tenants should always take advantage when they can! But when going out with man’s best friend, it’s important to make note of proper dog park etiquette so that everyone has a great time. 

First, make sure to assess whether or not your dog is comfortable potentially being around other dogs. We all know that Rover’s a complete sweetheart indoors, but some dogs can get nervous or aggressive during unfamiliar situations, especially if they haven’t had much experience around other dogs in the past. Take some time to ease them into things. If you know that they won’t take well to other dogs, keep a tight hold of their leash and make sure you’re watching them. Your dog might slowly come out of his shell in time, but it’s important to be kind and patient with them in the meantime, as well as help them recognize the importance of boundaries. 

Always inform your apartment of any breed or pet-related abnormalities. It’s always a good idea to keep track of your pet’s individual behavior in order to avoid misunderstandings. And if there are any issues that you find with someone else’s pet within the park, make sure to inform your leasing staff! Additionally, make sure you attend the park during hours when it isn’t full. Most apartment dog parks are very spacious, but there should still be a limit as to how many pets are inside at one time. You definitely don’t want your pet to feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Stick to unconventional hours of the day, or times when you know that overcrowding won’t be an issue. Most of the time, you’ll find that anything goes. 

Lastly, and the most important of all, make sure that your dog is properly hydrated throughout your visit! With how hot it’s been this summer, make sure your dog is getting plenty of fresh water. He’ll be roaming around in the sun and it’s critical that you do everything to keep him cool so that he doesn’t overheat! Have a bowl on hand and make sure to keep it full. If you see signs of someone else’s dog suffering from bad heat effects, let them know! 

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Jul 27